Our Tree of Angels

by Celia DeWoody

This is our sweet little Christmas tree that stands on a desk in our upstairs sitting room at Squirrels’ Leap. It’s a special tree, full of mostly handmade ornaments that have special meaning to us. Most of the little angels are handmade by the ladies of the Ozark County, Mo., PEO Chapter, and given to me by my dear friend Janet. Many of them have been set aside as special memorials to dear ones who have already crossed the River. The snowflakes were crocheted by my sweet mother-in-law Ruby years ago, and the little quilt around the base of the tree was stitched by my sweet Mama, not long before she died, as a special gift for me.

This curly-headed angel hangs in memory of Daddy’s mother, our dear “Grandmarie” …. Marie Alice Aubert Taylor Bailey of Gulfport, Mississippi.






This is my “Poppy angel,” in memory of my dear Poppy, my mother’s mother, Henrietta “Polly” Holt Adams Elkin of Macon, Mississippi.




This sweet angel reminds me of my beloved Aunt Mimi, Mary O’Lena Adams Ketchum of Macon, Mississippi, my Mama’s older sister who was a second mother to me during my years with her in Mississippi.







This is my newest angel, made by the Missouri ladies this year. She is on our tree in memory of one of the dearest friends of my life, my cousin Barbara Hardin Crespino, who died in early summer. Barbara, who loved to sing, is singing Christmas carols in Heaven this year.


Our tree of angels is very dear to me, and grows dearer each year. These little Christmas angels make me smile as they sweetly remind me of the love that these dear women each poured out on me during their lifetimes, and remind me to try to walk in the light of Joy, as they each did.