My birthday camping trip!

by Celia DeWoody

Doyle and I ran away for two nights to Table Rock Lake State Park, just about 40 minutes from our house, to celebrate my birthday and our first mutual Christmas holiday from school. It was wonderful!


We were one of only three campers at the whole campground, and got a great spot overlooking the marina, with a western view of the lake out our “breakfast room” window, so we could watch the sunset!

We got all set up Tuesday afternoon, and relaxed with an easy supper and our books and my knitting. We’ve both loved having time to read over the holidays, and I’ve taken advantage of having time to do a little writing and a lot of knitting, too.

fter sleeping in and having a big bacon and egg breakfast, we ventured out on the super-nice walking trail around the lake. There are some beautiful picnic spots that we loved and said we’d have to remember to come back again for a Sunday afternoon picnic, or a family get-together in warmer weather.

We walked out on the pier by the boat launch and spent a few minutes enjoying the feeling of being out on a dock again. Sometimes I miss “messing about in boats.”

We wandered off the trail down to the lake’s edge and lost ourselves in beach-combing. I’ve always loved to beachcomb in Florida, and since moving to the Ozarks, I’ve learned to love looking for pretty rocks along the shores of our lakes and rivers in the hills.

Being outside in the sunshine and fresh breeze, watching the sun sparkle on the lake, was just delightful. Having time off from work this time of year is such a treat, and running away for my birthday with my sweetheart wonderful!

As we walked back to the camper, we stopped to admire another picnic spot … what a beautiful place! When we walked by this place earlier, a lady was sitting on one of the picnic tables, facing the lake, and totally absorbed in writing in a notebook. She had made a special trip to her lakeside writing spot, prepared with her blanket, a cushion, and a hot drink. I wished I could’ve peeked at what she was writing! I also longed to come back and write there myself …

I wish I had remembered to shoot some photos on my birthday evening, when Jamie drove up and joined us for a steak cookout and a little birthday celebration that included apple pie and ice cream! It made my birthday camping trip even more special to have one of my sons there to share it with us. I wish we could’ve zapped Alex in from Boulder, too!