Late-night, late-April thoughts

by Celia DeWoody

Soon and very soon, I’m going to be walking into something I haven’t experienced in a long time – a whole long summer of no work! Because I’m a member of the faculty at North Arkansas College, I only work nine months a year, and so will be off from the beginning of May until about the third week in August.
I’m making plans for creative summer projects, and at the top of my list is to work on the novel that I’ve been mulling over for the past several years. At least right now, it’s going to be based on experiences from my great-grandmother’s life back in Mississippi around 1900, in my mother’s family’s hometown. I’ve already started jotting down some ideas, and even worked a little while on a character sketch today. I’m very excited about trying to write a novel, after having told myself my whole life that I can’t write fiction. It finally occurred to me that I have probably CONSUMED more fiction than almost anybody I’ve ever known, so surely that should count for something! Maybe all of those stories that I’ve devoured since I was six years old have been percolating around in my subconscious and are ready to be brewed into a nice strong story of their own.