Offering up our brokenness

by Celia DeWoody

Here’s a wonderful quote that I remember from the first time I read Gail Godwin’s Father Melancholy’s Daughter several years ago. I just happened upon this tonight and didn’t want to lose it, so I thought I’d post it here for safekeeping  – and in case it might be a blessing to someone else tonight:

“‘Let us pray,’ said my father. ‘Oh, Lord, who on Maundy Thursday didst say to Thy disciples, ‘This is my body, broken for you,’ permit us to use this occasion to offer Thee all our broken parts. We ask Thee to take our broken friendships, our broken dreams, our broken promises, promises we made both to others and to ourselves; take the broken bodies of some of us, and the broken hearts of all of us. And take unto Thee everything about us that we may not know is broken, or is going to be broken, and make all things whole again in Thyself. Amen.'”


Angel with broken wing


What a wonderful prayer. It speaks to me – does it to you?


Godwin, Gail. Father Melancholy’s Daughter. William Morrow & Co. Inc. New York: 1991. p. 311.